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    Violet is 99.9% done with Mary’s men.
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Welcome to Platform 9¾

Loves historical drama tv series The White Queen - Tudors - Game of Thrones - Mortal Instruments - Merlin and more!

Thank you for visiting me this is my fandom blog, enjoy my posts, gifs, fanarts and reblogs about my fandoms.

Warning there are some spoilers in my blog

-l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l-

I post mainly about these fandoms:

ღ Merlin

♔ The Tudors

☠ Game of Thrones

ɤ The Mortal Instruments

-l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l- -l-

Other fandoms will appear sometimes like:

Rome ~ Downton Abbey ~ Dracula ~ The Borgias ~ Divergent ~ Harry Potter ~ The White Queen ~ Under the Dome and Vampire Diaries

☞My gifsets☜

 Crowned Kings/Queens

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